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What we do in I2B?

To help clients realize their business ideas, Globals now offers Ideas to Business (I2B). With I2B, Globals supports entrepreneurs, who want to realize their first business idea, as well as experienced entrepreneurs, who want to reduce the risks during the realization of their next business idea. The service allows entrepreneurs to use our experience and resources to develop an idea into a business, while reducing the time and financial risks, which are associated with the process of realizing a business idea on your own.


On Demand Apps

Helping you meet the needs of your consumers immediately, like Uber, Lyft or Sidecar, and to enter the worldwide market for Apps, Globals now offers the development of On Demand Apps.

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Market Places

To help you in setting up your own market place for products never offered on online market places before, Globals’ market place solutions will help you enter successfully this market.

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E-Tailing Apps

The expected growth in the e-tailing market shows the potential for new businesses. Clients, who want to participate in this growing and promising market, can now use Globals’ e-Tailing solutions.

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We build the next gen Apps & Platforms

At Globals, we undertsand process of developing an App or an Internet Platform, that begins with understanding your target audience, problem your app or platform is solving, and then is to visualize your app. For us the Design and User Exeprience is absolutely non-negotiable, and we will work with you at every step.

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Passionate about World Class Apps

Together, the client and Globals will develop the client’s idea, so that it can be easily transformed into a viable business. As soon as the idea has been adjusted to the needs of the client, the experienced Globals team will start working on the realization of the business idea.

Our Work

Below you can find some examples of ideas that have been realized by us.

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